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Interesting cases

We use digital photography to help detect and then monitor various eye conditions.
Here are a few examples........

harry  This is the typical image of a healthy retina (the back surface of the inside of the eye).
Lensmoved  Mrs King came in complaining of sudden blurred vision in her eye. She had had a cataract operation a year before. In the centre of the photo you can see the top edge of the artifical lens through the pupil. This lens has slipped out of position. We referred her back to the surgeon who was able to put it back into position. Fortunately this is quite a rare problem.
staining3  A new patient to our practice who wore contact lens all day came in with a sore eye. Under a special blue light the small green dots on the surface of the eye indicate a large area of dryness. We were able to refit her with a more breathable lens and advise on proper lens care. A few weeks later the eye had returned to normal.
pupil2  Here is photo of an interesting cataract. We are looking into the pupil of the eye. The orange colour is the reflection of the retina at the back of the eye. The small bubbles are in the lens of the eye which sits behind the iris. Although quite central these bubbles in the lens did not seem to trouble Mr H, so no further action was needed. We will review and photograph every 2 years.
tobaccodust I took this photo when a patient came in complaining of a loss of side (peripheral) vision. He had a large retinal detachment. The photo shows lots of floaters, and some red blood cells in the vitreous (jelly) of the eye (fine brown dots). I referred him immediately to the hospital eye service and his retina was operated on the next day. His vision was saved.
Click here to see video. This one is a video of Asteroid Hyalosis, a harmless condition that strangely often affects only one eye. It is so named because it resembles an asteroid shower when viewed on the slit lamp microscope. Hundreds of small yellow dots glistening in the light. Amazingly patients usually find no adverse affect on their vision whilst looking through this lot. Have a look at my video on you-tube.....



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